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The 7 Forms of Fitness

The crux of SLF is the "Seven Forms of Fitness". Unlike traditional fitness programs that focus solely on physical fitness, SLF highlights seven different areas which contribute to our overall quality of life, success and fulfillment.

1. Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is how healthy our body, organs, and tissues are to exercise and activities of daily living.

2. Nutritional Fitness

"We are what we eat". Our nutrition plays an invaluable role in all aspects of our well-being.

3. Psychological Fitness

Our mind and emotions determine so much about who we are and how we connect to the world.

4. Financial Fitness

Money isn't everything, but it can affect how we spend our time, and which opportunities we have.

5. Environmental Fitness

As stewards to our planet, we can produce less waste and conserve valuable resources.

6. Social Fitness   

We all need to feel accepted, loved and connected. Community & relationships!

7. Philosophical Fitness

Spirituality, religion and our beliefs about reality are central to how we live and the choices we make.

Sustainable Life Mentors

Current Goals and Projects

Every quarter I review and set new goals, three S.M.A.R.T. goals for each of the 7 form of fitness. I also document my  progress:

[link coming soon].

SLMentors - Q2, 2017

Every quarter I choose a new round of mentors, one for each of the 7 forms of fitness. I study and report what I learned, incorporating key lessons into my routine. 

Physical Fitness

Goals, projects, and tools:

GOAL 1: Complete an ultramarathon.
PROJECT: Complete Ragnar TN, Speedgoat 50k.
TOOLS: Strava.

GOAL 2: Deadlift 400 lbs.
PROJECT: Weekly training.
TOOLS: barbell collars.

GOAL 3: Reduce pain.
PROJECT: Daily yoga.
TOOLS: Yoga mat.

Current mentor:
Karl Meltzer

Winningest ultramarathon racer, FKT Appalachian Trial, USA. 


Nutritional Fitness

Goals, projects, and tools:

GOAL 1: Eat more vegetables.
PROJECT: Eat 1 or more vegetable servings per meal.
TOOLS: Paleo, Whole 30.

GOAL 2: Body fat less than 8%.
PROJECT: Daily calorie deficit.
TOOLS: MyFitnessPal.

GOAL 3: Abstain from alcohol.
PROJECT: 1 or less adult drinks per month.
TOOLS: Sugarfree Red Bull and LaCroix.

Current mentor:
Rhonda Patrick, Ph. D. 

Aging, cancer, and nutrition researcher podcast host, health advocate. 


Psychological Fitness

Goals, projects, and tools:

GOAL 1: Reduce anxiety.
PROJECT: Daily meditation.
TOOLS: Zabutan, zafu.

GOAL 2: Reduce self-limiting beliefs.
PROJECT: Daily affirmations
TOOLS: Notebook. 

GOAL 3: Learn MySQL/ PHP.
PROJECT: Weekly practice.
TOOLS: Team Treehouse.

Current mentor:
Sam Harris, Ph. D.

Author, philosopher and neuroscientist. 


Financial Fitness

Goals, projects, and tools:

GOAL 1: Eliminate consumer debt ASAP.
PROJECT: 7-baby Steps.
TOOLS: Financial Peace University.

GOAL 2: Build an asset.
PROJECT: Launch Amazon business.
TOOLS: The internet.

GOAL 3: Promotion and/or raise of 100%.
PROJECT: Work hard, exceed expectations.
TOOLS: Evernote.

Current mentor:
Dave Ramsey

Author / radio show host and speaker on personal finance and debt.


Environmental Fitness

Goals, projects, and tools:

GOAL 1: Learn more about Nature. PROJECT: 10 State Parks & 10 Natl Parks in ’17. TOOLS: Google Maps, trail shoes.

GOAL 2: Produce less waste. PROJECT: Buy in bulk; reuse. TOOLS: N/A

GOAL 3: Grow my own food. PROJECT: Maintain community garden plot. TOOLS: Water hose.

Current mentor:
John Muir

Naturalist, author, environmental philosopher, glaciologist.


Social Fitness

Goals, projects, and tools:

GOAL 1: Better contact with family.
PROJECT: Weekly calls/ texts.
TOOLS: iPhone and Google Hangouts.

GOAL 2: Grow prof, network by 400%.
PROJECT: Follow-up with people I meet.
TOOLS: LinkedIn, IG, Twitter, etc.

GOAL 3: Attend regular social events.
PROJECT: 1 scheduled event per month.
TOOLS: Google Calendar, and Google.

Current mentor:
Brené Brown, PhD.

photo: TedX

Researcher on courage, author.


Philosophical Fitness

Goals, projects, and tools:

GOAL 1: Build a “Muse.”
PROJECT: E-Walters, LLC.
TOOLS: The internet, 4-Hour Work Week.

GOAL 2: Read more.
PROJECT: One book per week.
TOOLS: Library, Audible, LibriVox.

GOAL 3: Minimize everything.
PROJECT: Systematic purging.

Current mentor:
Tim Ferriss

Author / investor / podcast show host on personal development and lifestyle design.


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